Hello! How’s everyone doing?

Sorry I haven’t been on Tumblr lately and posting things. Got pretty busy with life and other things.

But hey! I got my life back on track and I got to improve it! With the help of a time-management/reminder/game/app. Lol that’s a lot of slashes! But yeah that app really helped get more productive and do more things with my time and have fun while doing so! So what is it called?

It’s HabitRPG and it’s tagline “Gamify your life”. Cool right?! It’s like doing productive things in your life with the aspect of gaming! If you have experienced playing RPG games you’ll most likely love this game. You would be treating almost every aspect of your life a quest.

Having imagined doing a chore as a quest and get rewards when you’ve finished them? Fun right? That’s how I’ve been treating my chores lately. instead of doing them begrudgingly, I have been doing them happily now and I don’t really treat them as chores now. I treat them as if I’m conquering quests!

I’m really having the time of my time life right now. Thanks to this app, I have been doing a lot and achieving a lot. So I just wanna share this wonderful experience with you guys.

See how my Avatar looks right now:

Hahaha he looks like he’s having a fun time under the sea with his pet! I hope this post helped you out and got you to do more things in life. I hope to see you there soon!

If you need links to HabitRPG here they are: Website, IOS, Android

S: Mobile apps are pretty limited right now, so I suggest you use the website first and familiarize yourself with it first. Have fun! :)

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credit: crisis

Here’s my tribute to Girls’ Generation’s 6th Anniversary.

HQ: http://i2.minus.com/icN6IHwQV9Y1Q.jpg

Happy Anniversary to you girls! I wish you guys would stay with us for more years to come!

Anonymous asked:
hey Hanz :D , im looking for a good collab of Taeyeon,Jessica,Tiffany , Victoria and Krystal , do you collabs of any of them ?? :3 , thank you :P

oh hey anon! thank you for noticing my illustrations! but sadly i’m no good at those i just did this jessica illustration to test if i can really draw something like this and it took almost a month to finish. i’m still an amateur… >…<

yey! my #snsd #jessicajung #illustration has been framed!

this is my lockscreen & my first time doing #탱시 hahaha #탱구 #taeyeon #snsd #소녀시대

doing a @taeyeon_ss fanart… the hair part is really testing my patience right now… TT.TT #fanart #digitalpainting #snsd #소녀시대 #taeyeon #김탸연

Sorry Guys!

I forgot to link the HQ gif on my last post! I’ve edited it with the link included… >…<

So Sorry!

oh boy oh wow… taeyeon… [x]

and because tumblr hates big sized files here’s an HQ version of the 2nd gif with more! BEWARE: It’s 14mb! [x]

lol taeng you face! [1] [2]